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Wings and Beads
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Reveal

This month is the Artisan Headpin Challenge hosted by Art Jewelry Elements. This month we were asked to use anyone's headpins in a project or make our own. I recently discovered and fell in love with Head pins and have a tiny collection.
First up these Lovely Earrings from Lampwork Headpins made by Lavite of dry gulch beads. I love these bumpy Headpins and I also love my Czech glass.

Next I have these beautiful Lampwork Headpins from Pati Walton Designs

And just completed these with Pati headpins

I am so honored in being part of this hop, please join me and visit all the others.


Alison Herrington
Renetha Stanziano
Karin Grosset Grange
Gloria Allen
Deb Fortin
Cate van Alphen
Mona Arnott
Shai Williams
Sarajo Wentling
Kathy Lindemer
Solange Collin
Brooke Bock
Melissa Meman
Patricia Handschuh
Tammy Adams
Melissa Trudinger

AJE Team Members:

Caroline Dewison
Lesley Watt
Cathy Mendola
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Susan Kennedy
Laney Mead
Diana Ptaszynski
Lindsay Starr
Niky Sayers


  1. What a great collection of headpins you put to use. I'm torn between selecting either the second blue and yellow pair and the all blue pair as my favourites. I think the all blue pair win because of that amazing spiral going on inside the headpins

  2. I love the headpins you chose to design your lovely collection of rustic and colorful earrings.

  3. Love how you used your beautiful headpins!

  4. What a lovely collection of earrings you made I love the colours you have chosen!

  5. You found some gorgeous headpins! I love your blue earrings. They are a pretty color and design.

  6. Beautiful headpins and creations but that blue earring pair...OMG!

  7. I agree...that totally blue set are stunning!!! Excellent work!

  8. They are so beautiful. The last one has to be my favorite.

  9. Gorgeous designs, looove the second pair!! <3

  10. Some great fun earrings here Gloria.

  11. Gorgeous headpins and beautiful work!

  12. Love the headpins and the earrings Gloria! Love the little czech flowers, I just ordered a bunch! Thanks for playing along!

  13. Gloria, your earrings are fabulous! I love earrings and I would add these to my collection in a heartbeat.