Wings and Beads

Wings and Beads
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Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Art Jewelry Elements Challenge-Trees

The Challenge this month was issued by AJE team member Caroline of  BlueberriBeads.  She chose Trees as the Theme. So many thought it would be a fun challenge and joined in. I was interested with a couple of animals associated with trees.  Like owls, there so cute.
This is a Beech tree cavity with an Owl.

This huge tree is a Burserra simaruba tree, gumbo-limbo, copperwood or turpentine tree.  It is native to tropical regions southeastern United states, Mexico, Carribean , brazil and Venezuela. I just find them so lush and gorgeous.

Then I thought about one of the little creatures we try to protect the trees from. Rabbits like to chew the bark around the base of the trees. I of course want them both to be harmonious together and so I have created this Necklace, where they always will be. I chose this Ceramic Rabbit connecter created by Jenny Davies-Reazor  that I purchased at Beadfest. I added Czech glass leaves and flowers, glass pearls and some crystal dangles.

My chain for the Necklace likewise consisted of the same elements but also with the addition of an Owl.   

Thank you for stopping by and please hop around to all the participants in the challenge to see what has been created.

AJE Team


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Art Bead Scene September Challenge

This painting "Old Woman from the Poorhouse in the Garden with Glass Ball and Poppies" by Paula Modersohn-Becker, 1907 is the Inspiration for our Piece this month. I found the photo to be dark and not to my taste as far as the colors I usually design in. However that was the challenge for me. Using colors I don't usually design in, Red and Black which I highlighted with gold from the goblet.
I made these Polymer Disk and wire wrapped them for earrings.

I made a matching focal, added a connector and chain for a Pendant

The complete set.

Thanks for stopping by and you can go HERE to find more information on the Monthly Challenge.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Allegory Mystery Challenge 3

Today is the Mystery Challenge 3 Reveal.  20 designers purchased a Kit without having any idea as to what would be in it. We committed ourselves to create a piece of Jewelry using as much or as little of the kit along with our own private stash. This is the Kit as I am sorting it all out, some gemstone chips, some sequins, glass beads, glass pearl,:

The kit has some large green beads and I realize that I have a couple from a previous kit. Will have to work those into the design.

Lovely Coral Pink with touches of Green and some yellow, and white. The component with the little bird so precious.
This kit is so pretty. In order to make the challenge mine I needed to make something unique like Dawn Gray did in the Luna challenge. I have had the honor of taking a class with the illustrious Polymer Queen Christi Friesen so I am able to dabble a bit.   Dawn Gray, Heather Powers and Teresa Salgado have all inspired me to make a polymer cane and create some Polymer beads for this challenge. 

I then created this simple layering Necklace and earrings using my beads and beads from the kit. I wanted to Layer the pieces like Laurel Steven's does.

I created a pair of Shoulder duster earrings for this collection:

Then I made this over the top layering Necklace, attempting to use many of the kit beads and mine. I used my Cane to create a focal with matching earrings.
I added wire wrap to the earrings.  I Love how these earrings came out 
The Necklaces can be worn individually or layerd (how do you spell that word, smh)

I love how the sequins look in my charmie dangles on the necklace adding the extra pop of color. With the seed beads that come in the kit, I add Swarovski crystals, brass bead caps for the ends and Walah! create this beautiful bracelet.

Thanks for your visit, please take time to leave a comment if you can and I will see you again soon. To see what others have created CLICK HERE

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Allegory Storm Cloud Challenge Reveal

Today is the reveal for Allegory Gallery Storm Cloud Challenge. This is the kit  20 designers purchased

There is always a Mystery component that is handmade from Polymer by Andrew and I forgot to photograph it, but you can see how I used it.  First up are these eclectic funky earrings.  I need some long Artsy earrings as my hair is longer these days. Using my stash, some Labradorite chips from kit and the tiny Czech glass flowers from the luxury blend I created these beauties. They are lightweight and surely pack a statement

I then took Andrew's mystery component all light ,silvery like sparkling winter snow and I wanted to add more shiny swirls. I don't know why,  I just did. So I wrapped it with Silver Parawire added A Jessie James bead and tassel creating this long Contemporary Necklace. 

Brass Chain from B'sue Boutiques , Fancy square Hill tribe silver clasp and I made a dangling charm from the luxury mix

I added a few more swirls using wire.  Sometimes I experiment

Love how it turned out 

Tassel for Whimsy

My little not matchy matchy set

I am not finished creating pieces for this collection but did want to share the beginning's with you. My widowed mother remarried a year and a half ago.  So this past weekend they threw a party and invited his family our family, guess who catered!  I cooked for 85 people. So I am a little tired, what with Beadfest the week before, but my spirit and Joy are here with you.  Thank you for stopping by and let me know your thoughts.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Art Jewelry Elements Component of the Month Reveal

This month is the Artisan Headpin Challenge hosted by Art Jewelry Elements. This month we were asked to use anyone's headpins in a project or make our own. I recently discovered and fell in love with Head pins and have a tiny collection.
First up these Lovely Earrings from Lampwork Headpins made by Lavite of dry gulch beads. I love these bumpy Headpins and I also love my Czech glass.

Next I have these beautiful Lampwork Headpins from Pati Walton Designs

And just completed these with Pati headpins

I am so honored in being part of this hop, please join me and visit all the others.


Alison Herrington
Renetha Stanziano
Karin Grosset Grange
Gloria Allen
Deb Fortin
Cate van Alphen
Mona Arnott
Shai Williams
Sarajo Wentling
Kathy Lindemer
Solange Collin
Brooke Bock
Melissa Meman
Patricia Handschuh
Tammy Adams
Melissa Trudinger

AJE Team Members:

Caroline Dewison
Lesley Watt
Cathy Mendola
Jenny Davies-Reazor
Susan Kennedy
Laney Mead
Diana Ptaszynski
Lindsay Starr
Niky Sayers

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Welcome To Beadfest 2016

I left New York Friday morning heading to Greater Philadelphia Expo Center Beadfest!! I see people getting out of cars, and walking with Luggage on wheels, Canvas bags in their hands and totes on their backs. Blinding sun, a beautiful day as I stroll to the doors of the expo center. Inside coupon laden tables are surrounded by folks grabbing for all their favorite vendor coupons. I take one of everything and head for Parawire and Artisan Alley.  You see, I have a plan this year. I wrote a list, I know what I need, and who I want to see. A girl needs her wire, tools, gemstones and Artbeads.

My new Xuron cutters

I went to Artisan Alley and low and behold found myself at Green Girl Studios where Andrew Thornton and William Jones were residing, lol. Threw my arms in the air and hugged 'em both.
Andrew, Me, and William

Loved this lampwork hat sported by Ren Farnsworth Ren does lovelyLampwork beads of flowers and leaves of all kinds. 

AFlower Garden Necklace by Ren
I finally was able to meet and chat with Marsha Neal between her classes, all bubbly and excited.

Now this aquarium is being worn by Angela Plager., it is a purse and the parts are all removable pieces of Jewelry.

Necklace from within Aquarium Purse

I also visited Fire Fly Designs with Michelle Ann McCarthy who works in Ceramic.

I visited Golem designs purchased some lovelies,

 Ana Bronze Love their handmade clasp. These Steampunk focals were amazing.

I visited Anne over at Gardanne Handmade Enamels beautiful pieces.

Stacey Louise exhibited her award winning Necklace

My Elements by Yvonne who Hand paints beads. 

Here's Maria Richmond of Lost Marbles, She showed me gorgeous Wire wrapped zipper Jewelry
Wire wrapped Zipper Necklace

These beautiful Glass beads I have been wanting some for a couple of years now. Finally!!!, I found these at Clasp On Clasp Off. She was featuring this amazing Necklace and I want to make Me a Chunky Amazing Necklace also:

She sure knows how to decorate the components. Look at these glass horns all decked out. Luv em
Glass Tubes taken up a Notch!

I am so glad I could take you along. look for these artistisan components to make an appearence be appearing in pieces HERE   Thank you so much for stopping by.