Wings and Beads

Wings and Beads
Wear Old It's New Again

Saturday, April 25, 2015


This is my Hurrah For Spring Challenge Hosted by Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures.  She offers kits for purchase so that you may challenge yourself with other Artist. There are usually 15 to 20 kits.  This is my Kit:

These are the Earrings I made, I love how they came out. I was given 3 feathers of course 2 had to be earrings.
I had three lampwork so I used two for a Bracelet , definately spring up in here.
Everything else went into a Gorgeous Y necklace

All in all a very Hurrah for Spring Collection Thanks so much for stopping by

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Artisan Component Marketplace Challenge

I was honored when Kari Asbury chose me as a runner up to receive this component kit. 

Kari sponsored a Give-a-way Component Challenge Kit. I was blessed to be one of the receipiants of the kit. Never expected to win but being an Aries by Nature and birth you know we enjoy challenges. 9 Kits were distributed to 9 Artisans/Designers who have blogs to create a blog Hop.  I always love to see  designs from Artist who receive the same design elements don't you.  No one will have the same creative pieces. Well every single component pictured above are the types of components that I have never used in my designs, but would like to, so talk about a Challenge, Hmmm.  The next part was to see who my sista participating designers are. Well, when I saw kelly from the traveling side show, Lori Poppe and Robin Kae I knew I was up to my eyeballs in competiveness.  Not saying the other artist are not Stellar, I'm just familiar with these three ladies work.  I was thinking bracelets and then I see the bracelet Queen (as I call her)  Robin Reed who makes bracelets in her sleep.  I have never  used Sari Ribbon But Kelly Hosford Patterson and Lori Poppe from Bead Soup fame seem to revel in it.  I am feeling a little out of my League. I know there is no way these components will go into one piece by me.  They will have to each shine on their own.The first component for me will be 

 Copper Component is from Kristi Bowman Design

Ceramic Component is from Marla's Mud

Wood Toggle Clasp is from Asbury Avenue Designs

The ceramic needs to be bezeled and would take the longest so I started with that and created my mini assemblage.  As you know my saying "Wear old, its new again." Old brass filigree with new Ceramic focal assembled and set aside to cure.  Now for Copper element I think Blue, beads and gems will do nicely. Into my stash I go looking all the while contemplating what to do with the toggle and Sari Ribbon?                                                                          

Copper wire, glass leaves and glass flowers, some crystal and glass rounds. Next the Toggle with the matching Sari

Pearls, Sari Ribbon, Vintage Brass Charms.  Hope I did this Asbury Toggle justice.
Earrings Sari Ribbon, Pearls, Laboradorite Gems.  Next up Ceramic and Brass in a cuff, Oh yeah!! Hope you like it Marla

 As you see my thought process all over the place. But I completed this challenge beautifully. My fellow Artisans can say wow, that Gloria Allen is aspiring to be an Artistic Designer!

Don't be a stranger Please visit all the participants in this hop and remember to wear Vintage, its new again.
Participating Designers
Brandy Haag 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Jasper Intrigue Blog Hop And Challenge

Welcome to the Jasper Intrigue Challenge Our Hostess is Lisa Lodge and the Hop began on 4/4/2015.  Obviously I am late.  I apologise Profusely.  Here is the kit I started with 
I chose the dark green speckled Jasper, the lovely Blue Mudd Focal and the beautiful brass leaf toggle. Vintage girl here love the brass.  My work table looks like this.
  So I started with the Earrings from the tear drop shaped Jasper, added pearls and crystals.
I made a Bracelet from some Jasper beads, glass Spectra beads and chain. I wire wrapped the focal Asymetricaly as is the bracelet.
And this Necklace has it all Brass, Jasper, crystals, Ceramic and Spectra beads

Hope you enjoyed the visit, I am glad you came by don't forget to visit the others.
Your hostess:  Lisa Lodge, A Grateful Artist
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