Wings and Beads

Wings and Beads
Wear Old It's New Again

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

BALC 2017

The sign ups have begun, and the excitement is gathering like steady gusts of wind.  The 2017 Build A Line Class with Brenda Sue Lansdowne of B'sue Boutiques has begun.  The class starts in January and Once again I have been invited to be a moderator.  As in life you are always learning something new, so it is in the Jewelry designing business.  I love to moderate because Although I design, create and sell jewelry, being part of a group brings new insights and questions.  Do you have a style that you like? Do you even know, if  you even have a style? Did you know you have favorite colors to design with? and Why? Are these colors that you wear, or see outside your window or do they remind you of someone? Favorite Aunt, Grannie, sister, or pet. Maybe your favorite place in the world. Maybe just because. I asked myself these questions when I took the class.

Guess what, I like pink. Just because I'm a girl I guess. I love blue. As a child I loved to stretch out look at the blue sky and dream of foreign places. I love Purple and Green. Green seems to enrich my milk chocolate skin tone and goes nicely with pink and purple. I love the green Tree's and Shrubs in spring as the bend and sway with spring breeze. Just some thoughts I had and realized when taking the class myself in 2015.
I love brass and love to incorporate it into my designs. I started out purchasing any and all brass I could get my hands on. What the class taught me was every piece is not for me.  I wasted good money on items I can't use, will never use, may not even ever learn how to use. I learned how to stock my favorites in case my vendor runs dry, lol. I learned I loved filigree all those fancy swirls.  I love flowers. What are some of my favs you ask;
I love the Lacy heart

Luggage Tag; I love all the swirls and floral motif.  I love flowers.

I love these lacy wings, swirls and flowers.  Your beginning to see a eclectic pattern to my mind right. Lol. These pieces are in a designer finish known as Silverware at Bsue boutique. They are solid brass stampings plated in 99% fine silver. Prettiest, finest Silver stampings you will find anywhere.  However when I step away from silver my favorite finish is Brass Ox. It feels, looks so Vintage to me. How bout this Ribbon Connector, simply gorgeous
My wings all lacy

When adding color choose raw brass
See, hmmm that purple and green,
Love that silverware. Join me and my design challenges as I moderate the three month class and continue working my line. Til next week; Choose to wear Vintage, because its new again. All you designers and hobbiest go visit Bsue Boutiques you wont be disappointed.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Allegory Design Challenge Reveal-Autumn Fire

Welcome to the Allegory Gallery Design Challenge Autumn Fire.  This is the Kit the designers were offered for purchase to accept the challenge. Seed beads, wax linen cord, Vintage Large hole and smaller beads, Gemstone chips, and the mystery component made by Andrew Thornton.

Mystery component photo is courtesy of Ann Schroeder from  BEAD LOVE 

So this gorgeous Color Autumn fire an Orange Red and brown blend created great inspiration for me.
I created lots of Earrings:

Short Dangle and drop:

I created these Filigree Brass Cameo earrings in the Autumn fire color:

I Designed this matching Rare Vintage Brass Locket Necklace which can be purchased HERE

Then back to my wire wrapping roots I wrapped this large bead and started playing, I will be back to finish. I will finish wireing (spell check needed, lol) and hang on silver chain a long Necklace.

For this statement piece I wire wrapped beads and created this focal using the mystery component. I mounted it into a Rare piece of Chocolate Brass from BSue Boutiques , wire some coils and beads into the mount also then I worked the neckline for this bold focal.

Using beads from the Challenge kit and a few from Jessie James Beads

Thank s for the visit and please drop a line.