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Wings and Beads
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Friday, January 23, 2015

Build A Line Challenge From B'sue Boutiques Part One Gloria Allen of Gloria Allen Designs

Hello, This is part one of my Build a Line Blog Hop Series.  This is a Master class that will span 3 months, three hops. We will all be working hard to build a cohesive line. Look at this Give-away-prize I won. (happy dance)
Give-away-Prize I won
Sometimes in our dailey lives we hear our friends, people talking about things they used to do, but had to stop or things they wished they could of done, maybe they couldn't figure out what they wanted to do in life, and then life got in the way. Growing up I was always artistic and creative.(inherited from my father who could draw anything, people, places and things)  I wrote short stories, and poetry.  I painted with oils, sketched with charcoal, I crocheted, I knitted, I sewed my own clothes.  I took every kind of cooking class offered through out school.  International cooking, Bachlor cooking, etc.  I did some catering to earn income after having my first child. I didn't know then that I had a passion to create.
     I did however know that I loved, loved, and still Luv Jewelry.
Pink Jade and Brass Set
Blue Jade wire wrapped bracelet

 As a teenager I scoured Woolworth's (lol) for jewels to match my clothes. Remember S Klein and Alexanders (ROFLMBO aging myself).  Yeh, memories.  My best memories were playing in my grandmothers Jewelry.  Her Jewels were different than mine and she always let us play dress up at her house. (I am the oldest of five girls) Little cameos and filigree was what her jewelry was made of.  I now know that they were Vintage Jewelry.  Jewelry with a Vintage inspiration to them. Its hard to feel Feminine when your 10 years old and already 5 feet 8 towering over most people. Size 14 clothing and size 10 shoe. Shopping in the ladies department instead of Juniors.  Grandma and her jewels made me feel like a princess, just took me to another world.
Red jade Filigree Bracelet

All that filigree and sparkle, dangles, cameos and lace.
Cameo and Pearls

Brass Assemblage Cameo of with Kyanite

Cameo with Jasper and Agate

I realize even today these items still have that power over me. I am 5'10 in my bare feet and most clothing lines now carry tall or long pants and skirts.  Ahhh but the jewelry takes me back to grandma's.   I want every women to feel like a princess.  I love Color and currently I am washing and colorizing some Brass, keeping Pantone Color Chart in mind
I want every women to look in her heart and discover her passion.  Once you find that Passion, spread your wings and fly. That is what ( )  Build a line Challenge is going to help me do. Fuel my passion, find some of my style and create a cohesive line that you will recognize as me when you come across them. With you and me in mind I have created my Wings and Bead Collection.  A Feminine Heart for your passion, AWing, to fly with your dreams and sparkle dangles for the princess in all of us.
Wings and Bead Focal  Stage One

There are 56 participants listed below in this Master class challenge, I want toThank you so much for stoping by. Lets visit with the other participants in this hop.And as Always "Wear Vintage its New Again"

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  1. Great Blog! I am so excited to be taking this Master Class along side of you and cannot wait to see all your designs!

    1. Thank you Nike, I'm like you, I cant wait to see what I create either, lol

  2. Great post. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished products.

  3. Sounds like it's going to be pretty. Can't wait to see some finished pieces. :-) ~Elizabeth

  4. Great idea, Gloria!! I can't wait to see more, I always love your work. Glad you are taking the journey with us. Gina H

  5. Anonymous1/23/2015

    Gloria .. Love your theme .. can't wait to see your creations .. Jann

  6. Anonymous1/23/2015

    I'm in love with your theme Gloria. That work in progress piece you showed is so beautiful!

    Can't wait to see more :-)

    Bead Lovelies

  7. Love the hearts and the fact that they're taking flight to soar with their dreams. Just incredibly sweet and aspirational! I can't wait to see the finished line!

  8. Anonymous1/23/2015

    Love your wings and heart idea! Can't wait to see more. ~ Ingrid

  9. Such pretty hearts! Looking forward to seeing what you create.

  10. Lovely post, Gloria, love your idea, too! Wasn't the Woolworth's jewelry counter a pile of fun? I remember when I used to get earrings from a special bin for 9 cents! Now I'm dating MYself!

  11. I so enjoy your story. I used to play dress up as well and use my moms jewels. My Grandmother had her jewelry all matching her outfits and was not considered dressed util all jewels were on.

  12. Loved your story made me giggle.

  13. I can identify with your love of vintage jewelry, Gloria. I really like vintage brooches. To me they give an outfit that polish, elegant look. I look forward to watching you line evolve!

  14. I was the tallest in my 6th grade class, even over the boys. I feel your pain! ๐Ÿ˜„

    "A feminine heart for your passion, a wing to fly with your dreams and sparkle dangles for the princess in all of us." This is perfect.

  15. Gloria, What a fun themed you have picked! And I like the heart and the wings collage you have found on there! You are in the right path!

  16. We share the grandmother's influence in our creative spirit ~ isn't it a precious gift? Thank you for sharing, Gloria. Can't wait to see more of your line ♥

  17. love all the color in your line

  18. I never knew either of my Grandmothers but do know Mums Mother was a concert pianist and I have the necklace(paste but beautiful) that she wore when she did a command performance for Queen Victoria.Chokers and cameos have inspired me. I love your hearts and look forward to seeing them bring out the princess in every lady

  19. Gloria! Your story brought me home :) I sewed my own clothes too! And I also had a grandmother that let me look thru her "vintage" jewelry! I love your theme and your words are heart felt! Brava ~ Sandie B.

  20. What a beautiful, inspirational blog post; I appreciated reading your memories of your grandmother, makes me think about my own. Looking forward to the final reveal, I'm sure you'll capture your mission in your finished pieces.

  21. An inspirational theme, and lovely memories of your grandmother.

  22. I know just how you felt as a kid. My twin & hit your same height & sizes, but our four half sisters are gorgeous -TINY- full Greek women topping out at 5'2". What a blessing to grow up and out of that awkwardness and learn to find things in life that make us feel beautiful and feminine! Your pieces surely do just that.

  23. What a beautiful heartfelt story. Made me think of my grandmother tonight. This was such an inspiration blog Gloria. I loved it. Thanks for sharing. Love your theme too.

  24. Really like your blue jade bracelet and the bright colors in your new line! Excoted to see what heartfelt wings you will create! :)

  25. Love your story, Gloria. Your line looks fantastic!!

  26. Your inspiration and mine are so similar! Can't wait to see your line.

  27. I can't wait to see how this progresses! I love your ideas!

  28. So many good memories... I remember my grandmother's tin she kept her bingo markers (little plastic discs in a variety of colors) in.

  29. Hi Gloria!!! Oh I just love your Ideas!!! The theme is wonderful and I really love all of the pretty components you have started!!! I cannot wait for you to show us more!!! Be Blessed!

  30. Hi Gloria! That heart necklace is going to be lovely. Your pink and blue jade pieces are so pretty. I've always loved your kyanite necklace, you have a great talent for using gems in your work. I loved playing dress up with my Grandma's jewelry box, too! It brings back great memories! Can't wait to see more from your line!

  31. Wonderful theme. I'm eager to see your finished line.

  32. Hi Gloria! Your story is so touching and I love your theme. Can't wait to see more of your pieces as your line emerges. Awesome!

  33. Gloria, I love your story. I know you'll take your 5'10" fabulousness and make a beautiful line. Can't wait to see what you come up with, sista from another mother. ;)

  34. Great idea for a line, Gloria ... can't wait to see your new designs! ;)

  35. What a lovely story and inspiration for your theme. I look forward to seeing the line.

  36. Gloria, love the pieces you showed in your blog. The cameo and pearls are particularly beautiful. I remember rummaging through Grandma's stuff - jewelry, button box and how fun and inspiring that was. Looking forward to your line.

  37. Gloria, love the pieces you showed in your blog. The cameo and pearls are particularly beautiful. I remember rummaging through Grandma's stuff - jewelry, button box and how fun and inspiring that was. Looking forward to your line.

  38. I love your story, Gloria! My Grandma also played a role in my jewelry making, and I have the same kind of good memories when I look at my jewelry making stash, and all of the other reminders I have of her - Amy Jorgensen, Ameme Designs/Hoarder's Corner

  39. Great story of your love of jewelry. Can't wait to follow your journey and see what you come up with, I'm already loving the colors.

  40. love your story Gloria and your blog too, your an awesome artist, I love your concept for the challenge too.

  41. This is gonna' be fun, my friend!! Love your ideas!

  42. This is gonna' be fun, my friend!! Love your ideas!

  43. I love your idea, "find the passion and spread the wings". This is really the concept behind this challenge. I will remember this when I feel frustrated in making jewelry.

    1. Thank you Coral, I'm happy to send a little comfort as You Artist do for me. Thanks for stopping by.

  44. Hi Gloria!
    The pieces that you shared are so beautiful! :) It's so funny that you mention Woolworth's!! I grew up in N.J. and I remember going to Woolworth's with my mom all the time... I even remember how the wood floors used to smell... And I too used to love to go to Brooklyn and see my Granma and look in her jewelry box full of the costume jewelry that was so fashionable at the time! LOL :) All your pieces are always so lovely; I cannot wait to see your finished line.
    ~Looking forward to seeing you in class!

    1. Thank u so much for your inspiring words and your visit.

    2. Thank u so much for your inspiring words and your visit.

  45. OOh we had Woolworths in the Uk too. Fond memories shopping in there as a kid. Love you hearts and wings- look forward to seeing what you do. Linzi

  46. Gloria--I love your story of your grandmother. My grandmother had many pieces of costume jewelry that we bought for her on our trips to Woolworths. You philosophy and theme are great!. We all need to find our passion, spread our wings and fly! I've admired your cameo jewelry ever since I say them on the B'Sue site. I'm sure your new line will be wonderful!

  47. I love your vintage inspired designs! It feels so great when we get back to our childhood loves. This challenge sound like it will be lot of fun. Enjoy the flight. :)