Wings and Beads

Wings and Beads
Wear Old It's New Again

Friday, October 23, 2015

Finished Up Friday With B'Sue

Well, pushing the limits and finished the cameo Necklace. I added the Cameo to a mount and attached to the slotted petal stamping.  Just gorgeous.
 These beads I had in my stash actually match the cameo with their deep Brown, Tan and Red marbling.  I love the marbling in Jasper stones. I also have Glass spectra beads, and filigree brass beads from B'sue Boutiques in the neckline.
The Finished Necklace using one of my favored Stampings.
In my quest for cohesiveness I used the same stamping to create an assemblage focal with matching earrings.  The earrings are also finished. Leaf stamping, tulip stamping all sold by my girl B'sue.  The Boutique also carries ceramic flowers and non tarnish wire.
 I sealed them with Diamond glaze and a spritz of Krylon.

This is the matching focal for the earrings and Completed Necklace with Angelite gemstones

Thank you so much for visiting.  Hope to see you again, "Wear Vintage, its new again."

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Work Table Progressive Thursday

Now yesterdays post Work table Wednesday showed you the messy work table.  So I have chosen some brass stampings from the table to create my focals with this week.  I have washed off the oils and now to play with arrangements. When designing a piece I know that a lot of Artist may sketch and draw their designs ahead of time but I like to stack and move the pieces around.  This probably takes more time but it allows me to visually see clearer and physically feel the beauty of the stampings that I so adore. I can oggle and ahh over them with love as I work. I took some chosen stampings
and started arranging the pieces in an assemblage style for focals. 

I started thinking of what color gemstones I have in my stash that can be used to make neck chains. I then pulled out some paints and Patina.
Then I proceed to paint some Brass.  I have some Blue Jade, some Angelite, oh my goodness I can hardly wait to get it altogether. The excitement begins to flow through my veins and I can Hardly contain myself. 

Now I start stacking and playing some more.  Maybe grabbing other accents from my stash on the messy work table.
I will now proceed to seal my painted brass.  However, the Designer Rusty Black Patina on the petals under the cameo comes sealed when I purchase the stamping so no extra step there.
Even though the excitement is rushing through every fiber of my body it is 12:30 in the morning and I must sleep.  I need to work Necklines for the focals and hopefully have one done for B'sue's creative group Finished up Friday challenge. All these emotions bubbling I hate to have to get up and leave my Brassiness in the morning.  Thanks for sharing your time with me and leaving a comment. Remember to return and see the finished necklace because Vintage is new again.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Work Table Wednesday

I have been amiss too long from my blogging.  It is so very hard when you also work a full time job.  Here I am on my lunch hour that I rarely get to take writing my blog today. One of the Groups I am in is sponsored by Brenda Sue Lansdowne
 of B'sue Boutique  where brass stampings, vintage brass stampings are sold.  She has a facebook group called B'sue Boutiques Creative Group  Every Wednesday is Work Table Wednesday.  It was created to help artist complete some of those old projects we have laying around that have been started but never finished.  Or look at your table of supplies and be inspired to create something and complete the project by friday for finished up Friday every week.  So my table looks like this.  I received an order of brass stampings and have not put them away because I need to make Jewelry! I am going to use this piece lower left hand side

I am going to combine it with this large Raw Brass 5 slotted petal stamping and build an assemblage piece, The same slotted Stamping in Rusty black for another Necklace.

So now I am going to choose a few more components, wash my raw brass of any excess oils so that I can colorize it and I will see you Tomorrow for the next step.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Earrings Everyday October Challenge

The challenge this month was to make earrings for one of the Project Runway  models since they are missing their Jewelry. The designer for these is Monique Lhuillier. I so loved this idea. I chose to make earrings for the pant and Jacket ensemble. I was trying to figure out my color scheme Black, Purple, pink, wine and Navy blue. No problem with the pink cause I am a pink loving girl. In my stash Pink passion Pansy beads. Love these flower beads. The czech glass oval coins are a pink and Purple blend.
 I added crystal rondells for evening sparkle. The pink daggers represent the edgyness of the entire outfit.
Photo in the sunlight highlights Purple Pink Oval beads.
I hope you enjoyed my earrings and enjoy the rest of the hop.