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Wings and Beads
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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Bead Peeps Swap N Hop

Sunday was the reveal of the Swap N Hop, I was away at a Workshop, arrived home only to find a very close cousin has passed. Two of my staff are out sick so I am posting late. I hate when people commit to a hop and never post so I hope later than never is acceptable my fellow designers. This swap is hosted by Linda Anderson with aproxamately 53 designers in tow. This swap and Hop held many challenges for me. I am a pink girl, my favorite colors to design with, Pink, Purple, and greens. My favorite metals Vintage Brass in Brass Ox. I Luv pearls and gemstones and Artisan beads. I love sparkle and shine.
      My partner is Teresa Schurter whom I have found to be cheerful at all times, regardless of the Pitfalls life throws her way. She is a stay at home wife, and mother, and a designer at TreeZ's. Treasurs 
Teresa Schurter's Profile Photo
Teresa designed these pieces


This is the reminder of that beautiful box Teresa made and sent holding supplies:
Beads in Orange, bronze, brown, and white. Copper Jump rings, not the pink face, its just been laying on my messy work table for about a year now. Smh, I digress. The little baggies of beads are labeled Korean, Czech or Japanese

The focals were either Polymer clay flowers or a Polymer cabachon in a Brass mount which is actually two sided and the attached bail is copper. So I chose this Brass focal instead of the Polymer flowers as I am a mostly Vintage brass lover. Her color of choice for me was Orange, Her metal of choice for me, was mixed, Copper and bronze.  These colors and metals represented to me a challenge within a challenge.

Copper Links, Matching polymer beads and Copper handmade clasp
Flip side of Polymer Focal which Teresa herself has made.

So as you see I am adding the tiny beads made by Teresa to the Jump rings she also made. Blue, Orange, white and Green are in the pendant, Blue and white will be  Major contributing colors in my design since this is spring time of the year. So first we need mixed metal Earrings, and finally a neck piece.  I do not like matchy matchy, but coordinating complimentary pieces that mix well.

These earrings have the same filigree, but one in brass ox and the other is copper to represent the mixed metals.

I used the Clasp as indicated in the challenge 

I used a Copper and a Brass Ox connector of the same design:

Teardrop Sea Glass from my stash

To see what my Partner made, click here Teresa Schurter Join the rest of the Hop here or below:

HOSTESS: Linda Anderson 
Natalie Davidson 
Marcy Lamberson 
Kathy Lindemer 
 Dita Basu 
 Andrea Glick 
Kristina Peck 
Shai Williams 
Catherine La Vite 
Christina Hickman 
YOU ARE HERE: gloria allen 
Teresa Schurter 
Maria Rosa Sharrow 
Susan Kelly 
Jenny Kyrlach 
Michelle McCarthy 
Terry Jeanette Carter 
Lee Koopman 
Laurie Vyselaar 
Marianne Baxter 
Divya N 
Kelly Hosford Patterson 
Johana Nunez 
Kari Asbury 
Kristina Hahn Eleniak 
Robin Lynne Showstack 
Rosantia Petkova 
Claire Fabian 
Inge von Roos 
Rachel Mallis 
Sam Waghron 
Lori Schneider 
Fay Wolfenden
Suse Stelljes 
Ginger Bishop 
Nelly May 
Rebecca White 
sheila Prosterman 
Catherine King 
Palak (aka Pallavi Asher) 
Krafty Max 
Renetha Stanziano 
Becky Pancake 
Katy Heider 
Deborah Apodaca 
Heather Richter 
Tami Norris 
Brandy Scozzari 
Catherine King 
Kathleen Breeding 
Veralynne Malone 
Bobbie Rafferty 
Lori Blanchard


  1. You did the right thing - better late than never! Besides, you had some fun with jewelry making, right? I like what you did with the colors out of your comfort zone and especially the focal as it is two-sided with very different two sides!

  2. Anonymous5/19/2016

    lovely pieces. I like that you were able to mix the metals. I've never succeeded at that.

  3. I am sorry for your loss. You did an amazing job with your great STASH!! ~KM

  4. Wow Gloria, What a huge shock to come from the fun of the workshop to such sad news. I'm so sorry that you had to face that loss. You made a really beautiful necklace and I LOVE the blue mixed in!
    Enter it in the Dry Gulch Challenge!
    I hope you and your family find comfort in the days to come.

  5. Lovely set Gloria! You did a great job especially feeling so challenged with the colors and metals in your goodies. I am so sorry for you and you family with the loss of your cousin...I hope you are all able to find peace and comfort in the coming days. {{hugs}}

  6. Wonderful pieces defiantly better late than never. You made some beautiful jewellery at a difficult time.xx