Wings and Beads

Wings and Beads
Wear Old It's New Again

Friday, March 20, 2015


 Welcome to The Build A Line Challenge Blog Hop Sponsored by Brenda Sue Lansdowne of  Thank You Brenda Sue Lansdowne of Bsue Boutiques, My Mentor, The Teacher, I call you Friend for without whom this challenge, this road to discovery would not have happened.  The Challenge was to design 5 cohesive pieces in a Pyramid of price ranges. Inexpensive pieces that sell without guilt to a customer. Pieces that could be reproduced by me with options for the customer. I challenged myself to design smaller pieces than the Statement kind of pieces I usually do, and add color. Inexpensive but not cheap materials, because BSue has the good stuff.  My customer could have a Varity of colors. Since this is the Spring line you will see spring colors.  Summer will add cool sky blue, Turqoise.  The fall will add Oranges, Browns.  Necklines are chain, or beaded.  The Brass, glass spectra beads, Heart stampings, earring findings even the Vintage and Gold colored copper wire were all purchased at   Mostly the line is done in Raw brass with color added although I usually design in Silver with Gemstones. Usually Women, even low on funds, we will find a way to buy lipstick and earrings. lol, So my Wings and Beads Collection started with Earrings.  Although not being my strong point, I gave it a Whirl.  I love to match my bracelets and Necklaces and everything is interchangeble Mix and Match!
Spring Green Hearts Level 1

Spring Locket Earrings Level 1

Spring Earrings with and without Crystals

Dangles Brass Heart, Brass Mini Tulips, Glass flowers and Swarovski Crystals

Dangles higher end Level 1 Genuine Amethyst, Glass flowers and Swarovki Crystals

For love of Dragonflies

Hearts, glass Pearls, Glass Maple Leaves, Brass Hearts and Crystals

Small Tulip Earrings with dangles
Next in Line, Level 2 of the Pyramid some Bracelets:
Green Wings and Beads Bracelet

Multi Strand Bracelet in Pink

Marsala Color of the year Multistrand Bracelet
Level Three, Cute Heart Pendants on a chain
14/16 inch Pendant Necklace on a chain

Longer Layering Pendant Necklace
Add caption
2 Necklaces Layared
Next were Mini Assemblages on Beaded and Chain necklaces

Mini Assemblages Level
Mini Assemblage Wings and Beads
Next I created Chain Links and Cameo, Then Asymetrical
Cameo Wings and Beads

Long Asymetrical Wings and Beads Romantic Steampunk

Steampunk Wings and Beads with a working Propelar
I am happy to say I still have pieces waiting to be completed

I invite you back to see the finished pieces as I continue on this Journey of Learning.  Thanks for stopping by.  Since this is a Blog hop I have enclosed the list of participants please visit them and leave a word. "Remember to Wear Vintage Its New Again"

Brenda Sue Lansdowne, B'sue Boutiques
Marcia Tuzzolino
Jann Tague
Judy King
Linzi Alford
Cynthia Wainscott
Carole Carlson
Lynn Stinten
Marica Zammit
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Jan Peters
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Nadine Edris
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Denise Lussier Poirier
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Kat BarronMiller
Sandra Ballard
Coral Law


  1. The first to leave you a comment on a lovely jewelry line. I love combo of the hearts with wings great looks. Your pinks and purples are my colors and are beautiful. Even with the challenges you made it to the end . :)

    1. Thank you Cindy, Happy to have made it and among so so many talented artist's.

  2. Bravo Ms. Gloria!!! I'm screaming oh yeah to your outstanding jewelry line!! The purple (my favorite color) heart, tulip and crystal earring set is just stunning and then it just gets even better as you scroll down to experience more!!! Wow you are so amazing ms. Gloria and I am so honored to be on this journey with you!! Fantastic!!! ~Louise

    1. Thank you louise. I am honored to be amongst people who inspire me on a dailey basis.

  3. Anonymous3/20/2015

    Oh I love your colors. Lots of variety but cohesive still. Bravo!

    Those two work in progress pieces are STUNNING!!!! I want to see them finished now lol

    I agree with Cindy, love hearts and wings - your mini assemblage pieces are lovely.

    Well done!

    Bead Lovelies

    1. Thank you Marica, sooo glad you stopped by. Thanks for the kind words.

  4. Great line, Gloria. Love the colors!

    1. Thank you for spending time with me Beetique.

  5. Very nice and very cohesive line.
    Looks great

    1. Thank you for the visit and kind words :)

  6. Anonymous3/21/2015

    Such lovely colors! Looks like you have been quite busy! Ingrid

  7. I love your layering options! The pink and pearl bracelet is so sweet I think it's my favorite! I really like the red beneath it too, and the dragonfly earrings, and the amethyst earrings, and all the hearts and Great job!!!

    1. Thank you WindDancer, your enthusiasm is contagious.

  8. Your reasoning is very sound and goes along with what I've been saying in said, "even women low on funds will find a way to buy lipstick and earrings" This is nail right on the head and what I have been stressing. It doesn't mean we can't make statement or even one of a kind over the top pieces! It just means if we can have stuff for the lipstick and earrings crowd, we've got a real customer base.....bread and butter. And on top of that, we can feel really good about ourselves, that we were able to provide some happiness and cheerful color for those who love our work but can't afford the big pieces ....yet. When they can, however, who do you think they will remember first? YOU, Miss Gloria, because you had those sweet little things that made them happy in the beginning. Rock on! Keep up the great work.

  9. Anonymous3/21/2015

    Gloria .. Hearts are one of my very favorites .. your jewelry designing is wonderful .. which one would I select as my favorite that's hard becasue I love them all .. This class was wonderful, watching everyone grow and design .. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful jewelry <3

    1. Jann as exasperated as we got at times, we did it. We can only soar from here. Thanks for stoping by

  10. Keep on playing with color, and hearts, and propellers, and. . . well just all of it! We all want to see more!
    Jjan Stylized Vintage

    1. Thank you Jan, so glad you came by.

  11. it's a great mix, keep going on your designs!

  12. Keep up the good work, such pretty colors

  13. Love your sweet earrings. You are right about the lipstick and earrings. I really love your multistrand bracelets. You have a really great line with a lot of different options. So glad to be on this journey with you!

  14. Gloria, such a pretty line. I especially like the mini assemblages you put together. You said you hadn't done much with earrings but these turned out really nice. Congratulations on your line.

  15. Great work & very pretty Gloria! I love the colors and the romantic style! Well done and so happy to have been on this journey with you!

  16. Beautiful designs. And earrings are the perfect impulse items. I know I will never have enough pairs. ;) Great work.

  17. Omg, girl your line has it all gorgeous choice of colors and designs love everything about it and can't wait to see how you finish those smaller pieces. I'm so proud to call you friend see you in May. XOXO!

  18. Anonymous3/22/2015

    I love bold beautiful colors they are so springy and refreshing!

  19. Gloria, My fave parts of your line are the asymmetrical elements and the handcrafted wire touches. The color palette is soothing and well-coordinated. There is definitely a cohesiveness that makes your line stand out. Well done and keep on producing these lovely works of art.

    1. Hi Fran, thank you for your support and kind words of inspiration.

  20. Gloria, sweet Gloria, you nailed this! I love the "nail polish and lipstick" analogy. Great thinking! Every one of these pieces will breathe life into a springtime outfit. Great job!

  21. Nicely done Gloria! I'm in love with your marsala multi strand bracelet!


  22. Fun, cheerful & really shout summer! I love the raw brass, but your colors are great too. Marvelous how you were able to adapt this year's color with design and come up with such a lovely piece to go with it.

  23. Just so pretty, Gloria! Keep it up! ~Melissa

  24. So romantic. Love the color as it's very spring and summer. You can definitely expand the line to fall and winter. Great job.

  25. These are so pretty Gloria!!! I love them.The design all flow well together and are very cohesive and they are just FUN!!! Great Job!!! I love working with you any where and this was no exception! Be Blessed!

  26. Gorgeous colors and great designs, Gloria! You have such a pretty line.

  27. Gloria, Wonderful color and style! I love your line about lipstick and earrings. So true!!! I hope you do incredibly well with this lovely line. You are a great class member and I enjoy your enthusiasm and positive energy!

  28. I love the colors, Gloria, and the classic designs you've come up with! So fresh and colorful, it makes me think of summer already! You've got a great line!

  29. Nice job, Gloriai_You got great colors and the whole line is very cohesive. Great idea to have the layering options. Your mini-assemblages are sweet. Congratulations!

  30. You have a great line, so colorful!

  31. Gloria--you have such a flair for bracelets and necklaces that can stack shorter and longer! They are beautiful! And those earrings with the pearl Czech leaves and pearls are so cool--neat idea that they have dragonflies or the style I'm talking about for different prices! Super line! :):)