Wings and Beads

Wings and Beads
Wear Old It's New Again

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What's It All About - Build A Line

 Welcome to my first post of the year.  There is fun and excitement, hope and scaries all coming my way.  I had the pleasure of attending a weekend  Jewelry retreat last year hosted by Brenda Sue Lansdowne of B'sue Boutique.  The draw for artist was a weekend of clay classes with world renowned Clay Artist Christi Friesen. Well that was all fantastik for attendees but not why I went.  I had never talked to Christi but wanted to learn about Polymer.  More than that I wanted to meet Brenda Sue.  This woman who is generous to a fault had started a Facebook group full of Talented, witty, down to earth Artist who didn't mine sharing.  I had laughed, shared ideas, cried over their heart aches and losses, happy danced over their triumphs and goals for more than a year.  Here was my chance to meet them.  These friends in my head. So off to Ohio I flew, partied, took classes, loved them all it was so surreal.  Christi Freisen non-pretensious hope I spell that right (cybernet forever) Over the top Awesome Teacher. And Brenda Sue Lansdowne everything I expected and more.  Brenda Sue Of B'sue Boutiques is sponsering a challenge open to 60 participants to learn how to Build your own line.  It is a three month course to create your own Spring line and it is free.  Did you hear that. FREE!  You must be able to dedicate the time, use visable vintage stampings, parts, goods that she sells, have a blog and be a member of her facebook group.  In exchange you receive a lifetime of knowledge, hopefully some more skills, a Jewelry line that can make you money if you so choose and hopefuly develop your syle.
Christi Freisen and me

Polymer clay beads and Necklace made by me
Well of course I want to create my own line that people recognize as me, but am I ready? Can I do it?  I don't know what my style is. However I do know what I love.   Brenda says your heart has to be in it, make what you love, but suspose I'm the only one that likes what my heart is passionate about. Thats the scaries I was talking about earlier. Well all applications are being accepted begining January 8th until the 12th. You can click on that build a line button to the Left of my blog if you so desire and it will take you to more information.
Brenda and I

Please join me in my exploration over the next three months as I build a line with 59 other participnts

Remember "Wear Vintage, its new again"


  1. Anonymous1/07/2015

    Your blog looks great, Gloria!

  2. Wonderful blog, beautiful jewelry, lovely lady! You've got this, Gloria.

  3. Great blog Gloria! So glad we got to meet at that fantastic weekend. Love your pictures & jewelry!

  4. Wonderful blog, Gloria! Full of your awesome personality!!