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Wings and Beads
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Blogging 101 Ear wires

Have you ever had one of those days when you muse goes off without you, yeh picture that. Well today I need some Burgundy Red earrings to match a Red plaid dress I wanted to wear. Not a clue for a design.

So I gathered some red glass pearls, burgundy red crystals, silver spacer beads, burgundy czech glass flower beads (my favorite beads) , headpins silver balls, and silver copper wire. I took the wire and made some tiny free form hoops.  My pieces are always statement size so my challenge this year (yes I said a year, everything is not learnt( i know the correct spelling learned) and aquired overnight for some of us, hmpf) is to work smaller using smaller components.

So I stacked the head pins and made a couple of dangles and realized I had no ear wires. Lightbulb, if I could photograph step by step how I make them, it might be an intresting blog post. So I took 5 1/2 inches of wire and cut it in half. Took my needle nose pliers at the thinest end and made a loop in each wire.

Then holding the loop between the pliers 
turn the loop away from you and bring the wire up and around the plier finger closet too you.

Unfortunately you now need this very pricey piece of equipment lol, called the Sharpie Pen. It makes perfect round shapes. Hold the ear wire loop against the sharpie facing you and wrap the wire around Sharpie away from you.  This can be tricky the first time

with your flat nose pliers put a little bend out at the end of wire.
the bended wire should now be filed for smoothnes and can be hammered for work hardness or if you like the textured look. The hang your stacked head pins or danggles to complete.

See you next time, Huggs and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Aren't these so cute!! Very nice work, now lets see them on you darlin"!

    1. lol Sue, will definately do!

  2. ok looked easy but what about the hamer thing and are the ends sharp?

  3. You have a great talent of making earrings. The way you turn out simple wire into beautiful looking earring is remarkable.

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